“Now  it’s  reckoned  that  we  only  have  around  three  seconds  to  grab someone’s  attention  before  they  click  and go  to  another  site  so  we go  straight  for the attention”   ANDREW  REYNOLDS


This is only  one  of many  ingenious   insights  from  Award  winning  multimillionaire  online  business  entrepreneur  Andrew  Reynolds,  taken  from  his new  game  changing  book   COPY  THIS  IDEA .  I  am  no  different  from  any  online  marketer  out there  always  constantly  on the lookout  for the  latest   product  or  software  launch hoping  it will  be  the missing  piece  of the puzzle  to finally  allow me to  break away  from  the chasing  pack  and  propel  me  to   ”  infinity  and beyond” . From  the  opening  paragrath   i was  reading  with  a false  expectation   of this  being  no different   from  the  numerious  literature  on the subject  of online  business  i’ve  had the  misfortune  of   of subscribing  to over  the years  , where  the only  transformation  i have  seen  are the very  cluttered  bookshelves  and  extended  bank  overdraft.

” mum  is passionate  about  painting  and  music  , but  her  creative  side  was  suppessed  for  most  of  her life ”    ANDREW  REYNOLDS

These  carefully  chosen words  Andrew  use’s  to  discribe  so  accurately  his mother’s  true  purpose  in life  can so  easily  be  attributed to  today’s  economic   climate . Gone  are the days  when the a   9  to  5    office  job  was the only  legitmate  way to make a living  .  In today’s fast moving  world  everything  is evolving  , more  and more  workers  are waking up to  the  realisation  that working within   the  traditional  model  of work  has it’s  limitation  , and when  trying  to apply  themselves  to these model   of work  one left with  feelings  of frustration  and their true entrepreneural  creativity  is greatly  suppressed.

” The  choice  you  make  now when  deciding  what type  of business  to start  can  literally  be  the  difference  between  success and failure  , start with the wrong  business  business  and you’ll  be doomed  to failure  no matter  how much  time  and effort  you  put  into  it . But  start  with  a business  model  that’s  been   proven  to work  and you have  a much  greater  chance  of succeeding ANDREW  REYNOLDS

For  the last  decade we have been witnessing a steady decline in traditional  structured  business  (  shop ,  manufacturing  , bricks and  morter etc, etc..) on the other  hand  figures  are  showing  a success rate  of 85%  of home  based business . The pendulum has well  and truly   swung  in our  favour  business is business  at the end of the  day  it’s  strongly   recommended  to start  with the right business model  to have a greater  chance of success.               It’s  only fitting  that i end  this  book  review  with  a story  from   the book  which  i  sincerely  believe  will  change  your  whole  approach  to online  business.


I  needed  someone   who  could  show me what  they  did  and than  help me on  track  while  i tried  to  copy   their  methods  for  myself i  remember  a teacher  at   school  teaching  me this   principle  with  a simple  story.


         Imagine  you’ve   with  a group  of  soldiers  in the  midst  of  a  battle  somewhere  you  and these  soldiers  are  being  pursued  by  an  enemy  who is   slaughtering  everyone  and everything  in their  path.


   If  you don’t  escape  ,  it’s  certain  death.

   Now  your only chance  of  survival  is to  cross  a hidden  minefield  if you can just  get across  you’ll  not  only  survive  but  a  wonderful  life  of freedom  awaits  you  on the  other  side.

   Arriving  at the edge  of the minefield  the  sergeant  orders  the  first  six  of the troops  to cross.  Unfortunately  five  of  them  don’t  make  it and  perish  but  thankfully  one gets  across  safely  .  Only  one guy  gets  to  freedom  on the  other  side  ,  the  sergeant  now  turns  to  you  ” it’s  your  turn  to go

Do  you  say ”  i’m   going  to make  my own  path  thanks ” or  would you  perhaps follow the path  of the  five  soldiers  who had  just  perished  in front  of your  eyes,


Of  course  NOT…

so  what  do  you do  ?  You  follow  exactly  in the footsteps  of the  soldier who  made  it.

so  why  should  you  act  in any  other  way  if you  want  to better yourself  .Do  you follow  your  mates  at  work  the  individuals  who  you are currently  working  with in a full  time job? do any of them have your ideal lifestyle ? are any of them truly happy?

Or do you follow the individual who has already become a multimillionaire and who leads a life of genuine freedom  ANDREW REYNOLDS

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