Slide1 Can  one  honestly say  that social  media  is a fad ? With over 50% of the world’s  population  being  under  30 years  of age and with a staggering  96%  of millennials  joining  a social  media  network  .  You  could  argue  that this the greatest revolution   since  the  Industrial   Revolution  ,  you  remember  the  industrial  revolution don’t  you ?  Where  inventors  and  industrialist  created  systems  that propelled  ideas  from  every corner of the  globe  , which resulted  in increased  productivity  and cut labor   cost  dramatically  .  For every  great   invention  comes with  their  fair  share  of  critics  who try to fool us  into  Believisamp_screnshotng   that any form of change will be disastrous for all mankind.Here we are in the 21st Century where from the food we eat to the air we breathe everything has become  digitized  . In the  last  century  it would  of taken  38  years  to reach  50  million  people  compared  to only  taking  4 years  ( via  internet )  in today’s  world  .  Social  media   has  overtaken   pornography  as being  the  no.1  activity  on the web  , another  amazing fact   1 out of 7  couples  marrying   in  the  us  meet via  social  media  and the Revolution  does  not   stop  there.  In our   universities  it  has been  revealed  that online   students  out  perform  those  receiving   face-to-face   tuition  which  has  lead  to some  universities  stop handing  out  email accounts  instead  they are distributing  e readers  , i pads  and tablets. In the  music  industry  artist  are employing  software  experts  who work  tirelessly  on making  their  clients  ever  accessible  to their online  fan base  than  they    do to  touring  to  promote  their music. Which  has  resulted  in  artist  such as  Britney  Spears  having  more  followers  than  entire  populations of some   European  countries . Which  brings me to the main reason for this blog , Facebook  is now recognized  as the Number One social media platform  on the planet  here are a few stats.. Facebook tops google for weekly traffic in the us : if Facebook   were  a  country  it would  be the third  largest  in the world  : Facebook  adds  over 200 million  users  in less than a year:  it’s  estimated  that the average  user  spends  5 hours  a week minimum  on the social platform. businesses  in every  model  across  the globe  are beginning to realize  the ever evolving  reality  , that  to have  a sustainable  presence  a successful  social media  campaign  is no longer  optional  .  IT’S  VITALSlide1

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