Design Symbolising Britain Leaving The European Union, Dubbed 'Brexit'

Br-exit  referendum of 23 JUNE 2016 for all people's eligible who resided in the United Kingdom in relation to the withdrawal of the united kingdom from the European Union . The referendum had been promised to the British  electorate  by the current Conservative government  up until this date had been postponed for almost a decade,  now lets explore the major issues raised by both campaigns and pinpoint the argument or mindset that lead to a leave result.  What were the major issues which lead to a leave  result  did we relies to heavily on the media to give us the correct facts ?


    1)  Number  of immigrants  coming into  Britain      ( 49%)

      2)  Britain's  ability  to make  it's  own  Laws                        ( 30%)

   3)      Impact  on Britain's  Economy                                                              ( 25%)

    4)    The  cost  of  E U  Immigration on Britain's  welfare state   (  16%)

   5)  Britain's  status  in the  World                                                                       ( 7%)


  1. Britain's  Economy                                                                                                                                                                                              ( 40%)
  2. Number  of  immigrants  coming  into  Britain                                                                                     (30%)
  3. Britain's ability  to trade  with  countries in the European Union  ( 15%)
  4. The impact on British  Jobs                                                                                                                                                            ( 11%)
  5.                                               Britain 's  status in the world                                                                                                                                                      (6%)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The   most  dominant  issue "  the  Economy  "  was  the most debated  issue during the entire  referendum  campaign  we were served up a cocktail of  scenario's ,forecast  and half truths. We  were told that the economic  outlook for the country if it left the  European union  was  generally  negative, various  leading  institutions  such as  the  London  School  of  Economics predicted that the effect  on  Britain's   annual GDP  BY 2030  upon leaving  will  contract by  as much  as -3.8% with  job  losses totaling 600,000 . The  leave campaign  argued that a reduction  in  red tape  associated with EU regulations would create more jobs and that  small  to medium  sized  companies who trade  domestically would be the biggest beneficiaries.  They acknowledged that  the UK  Economy  is bigger because  of access to  the  single market , but rightfully point out of the  100 most  expensive e u  regulations  cost the  UK  Economy  £24.4  Billion and that 24 of those  regulation had a net  cost to the UK.

Regardless of what side of the referendum  you happen to  align yourself  to  both  campaigns  were at some stages of the debate guilty  of peddling  fear as a major tool to convincing the electorate  on how to cast they  vote.

Brexit global business consequences concept with Union Jack, EU flag on balls and world map globe 3D illustration.

Although immigration   and  the economy were easily  the two  major  discussion topics in both  camps  .  surprisingly  Britain's  status  in the world was voted least important  issue  with both campaigns  . Britain  leaving  the  European union a union which it was fundamental in creating  from it's early foundations  as a unifying  trading block  established  after the end  of world  war  2  . Was  awakening  to the  realization that the union wasn't or had missed it's original mandate  . Is Britain wanting to lead the world in a new wave of nationalism worldwide? Yes i think so or maybe I've got  the situation completely  wrong . Let me try to explain we all whole heatedly have come to the realization we are living in a inter connected global world every aspect of our lives has been recreated to exist in this global phenomenon. it's our subconscious mind that is projecting the most Resistance to this fact. Markets will close  markets  will open  businesses  will crash  businesses  will be  created  in these  volatile  times it is going to be  the  entrepreneur  spirit  that will  succeed  and prosper .  If  one is able  to grasp  this awesome  window of opportunity   and  is able to tap  in to   your  great  creative  thought   and  ideas  , it will  be you  and only you that   Create  ,  Build and  prosper  in the  New   21st  Century  Economy