Migration of people has always  been the norm  with almost every host population  the influx  of mass people  groups  has mainly  been  a positive  one  .  Where the host  society  being  the main  beneficiary  of new  ideas,  inventions, business  practices  and the added  bonus  of the  emergence  of new markets  of trade and  commerce. The referendum  result of June  2016  was  the  first  openly   grass  roots  rebellion  against  mass  autocratic   bureaucratic  control  freak  nature  of the  European  Union . The  result  seemed  to ignite the spirit  of creative  optimism  among a small raiment  of the population  , but in recent   months those voices of the " remains" have grown louder  in  their response  to the  " TRUE  BREXITERS  " claiming  that they  were  deceived  and  to even  go as far  to say  that  they  lacked  the correct  wisdom  and understanding  to make  a decision  so  crucial  to the nations  future.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The  control freak voices  of the "remains"  with  their over  indulgence  in there own  self  preservation  who condemn the  alleged uninformed uneducated  masses  who  instinctively  know  real freedom  when they see it,  voices  that sound no  different   from the negative forces  that have  influenced  and blighted  mankind's  development  from  as far back  to the earliest  period  of  creation. We  learned  that  our  first  human  family  were deceived  in to  handing over  all   our  creative   and  governmental  authority to the  originator  and  architect  of all  "Fake  News"  SATAN     and  we have never  fully  recovered  to this day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The  "  remains"  in some of their  attacks  have even   resorted   to attacking  our belief  systems  trying  to convince  us our  eternal  servitude  is heavenly  ordained . The  most common  cause  why the  majority  of people  fail  at lifting  themselves  out of  poverty  are the conflicting  beliefs  weather  success  is divinely  ordained  or divinely  damned .  I personally  couldn't  understand   that for a long  time in my  life why i held the view  that rich  people  were  destined  to go  to hell  just because  they were  prosperous   .

Haven't  you ever  ask  yourself  why there  has been so much  talk  of  sacrifice   persecution and   " hard  times"  as  necessary phrases  of the  spiritual  way  of life  ?  This  was  due to the  governing  powers  devising  a plan  to keep  the  majority  of wealth  (  which we  create)  in the  hands  of a privileged  few  while convincing the masses  that greater  glories awaited  them  in the heavenly  realms. All  that  is needed  to qualify  for these  heavenly  positions  is to strip  your self   of any form  or thought  of  Wealth  Creation . we  all have  been victims  of the greatest  deception  inflicted  upon  us from  cradle  to the grave  the lie of  "  scarcity "  we have been  told time and time  again  there just isn't enough  for  everyone  and to maintain the natural  order  there  has to be a lower  class  who's  soul purpose  is to sustain  the  few    Any  talk  of breaking  away  to create a reality for ones  self  is  not only    frowned  upon  by  these  "remains"  where they  falsely  comment  from there  own  moral  high  ground  and refer  to such behavior  as  treacherous   unknown   to them  they are aligning  themselves  on the wrong side  of History.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  GOD'S  rich  supply  is all  around  us  universally  in the form  of  any  opportunity your mind  can conceive , as talents and abilities and ideas longing for expression . But that rich supply and substance must be contacted and used. Your mind is your  connecting  link  with  it your  attitudes  your mental  concepts  , beliefs  and outlook  are your  connecting  link  with God's  rich  substance  and  your  access  to it  " God  can only  do for you  what  he can  do  through you  " by means  of your thoughts  and  ideas which  lead  to your  reactions

                                                                                                                                 Knowledge  is  the  New  Currency                                                                                                                                                                                                                                21st  Century  Economy  ( profit  at the  speed  of thought)

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