Br-exit  referendum of 23 JUNE 2016 for all people’s eligible who resided in the United Kingdom in relation to the withdrawal of the united kingdom from the European Union . The referendum had been promised to the British  electorate  by the current Conservative government  up until this date had been postponed for almost a decade,… Read More

 Can  one  honestly say  that social  media  is a fad ? With over 50% of the world’s  population  being  under  30 years  of age and with a staggering  96%  of millennials  joining  a social  media  network  .  You  could  argue  that this the greatest revolution   since  the  Industrial   Revolution  ,  you  remember  the… Read More

 “Now  it’s  reckoned  that  we  only  have  around  three  seconds  to  grab someone’s  attention  before  they  click  and go  to  another  site  so  we go  straight  for the attention”   ANDREW  REYNOLDS   This is only  one  of many  ingenious   insights  from  Award  winning  multimillionaire  online  business  entrepreneur  Andrew  Reynolds,  taken  from  his new… Read More

The Year 2017 the problems , same usual suspects war…famine.. social unrest.. and economical turmoil. The world has been experiencing this normal pattern of  behaviour   for as long as records have been kept , and it has become no longer news . I suppose it all depends on one’s perspective is the glass half… Read More